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The blog was created by the law firm of Walker Law LLC, whose founder, Elizabeth T. Walker (Liz), has been assisting six of the Virginia Indian Tribes with their quest for Federal Recognition through Congress. Various members of the Tribes will be contributing to the blog, including Wayne Adkins the current president of VITAL that is the non profit organization created to promote the efforts to achieve sovereignty or the Acknowledgement by the Federal Government of the Tribes' sovereign status.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Traditional Native Dance and Music Program for Big Day Out

On July 15 and 16, 2006, members of the state-recognized tribes of Virginia will present a program of dance and music at the Big Day Out, an annual county-wide cultural event in Kent, England. The program will feature traditional dances of the Virginia Indians as well as some of the more modern dances learned from other tribes. An eight-member Virginia Indian intertribal drum will accompany the dancers.

The program will last an hour-and-a-half and consist of 15 different dances done by men, women and couples. Before each dance is done, the audience will learn its meaning and why it was done, whether for a special occasion, to mark the passing of a season of the year or for social reasons. The dances will recreate hunting activities, highlight the connection to the natural world, emphasize spirituality and also show the social, fun side of the native people. Each style of regalia worn by the dancers will also be explained.

Glenn Canaday (Chickahominy) and Judy Fortune (Rappahannock) have been chosen to head the dance group and will lead the procession into the dance area.


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