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The blog was created by the law firm of Walker Law LLC, whose founder, Elizabeth T. Walker (Liz), has been assisting six of the Virginia Indian Tribes with their quest for Federal Recognition through Congress. Various members of the Tribes will be contributing to the blog, including Wayne Adkins the current president of VITAL that is the non profit organization created to promote the efforts to achieve sovereignty or the Acknowledgement by the Federal Government of the Tribes' sovereign status.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

St.George's Chruch Service, The Rt Rev. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester.

The Virginia Indians, were invited to St.George's Church Sunday morning for a Service conducted by the Bishop of Rochester and the Rev. Vic Lawrence. Many dignitaries from the District of Gravesham, including the Mayor and Sherriff of the District,attended. (The Sherriff, is the lady in the photos who wore a fancy white plum in her hat).

The 10:00 am service was the family service this morning, and it is customary for the children to participate by singing special songs. Today they created a totem pole, where they used animals to represent the spirit of love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Everyone was asked to write a prayer on a paper feather, the paper feathers were then made into an Indian bonnet for the alter.

After the presentation and songs by the children, there were testimonials by Chief Gene Adkins and Chief Anne Richardson. Both gave moving testimony to the power of God and Jesus in their life. Chief Richardson spoke elequently about her experience in the private service they held on Friday, for Pocahontas and the importance of Christianity in the lives of the Virginia Indians that was brought to them by the conversion of Pocahontas to Christianity in 1613. Chief Richardson did a special prayer for the young people asking for a healing of all the Virginia Indians from the past and prayed for the future of the next generation. She was inspired by scripture quoting from Isaiah Chapter 9.

The Bishop then gave his sermon, and brought out the importance of understanding both the fruits and gifts of the holy spirit. That from the spirit of love and gentleness came the gifts of justice and healing. The Bishop's sermon about the power of Gods love in Jesus' name, captured the significance of the visit by the Virginia Indians to honor their faith. Words cannot fully express the Bishops ablitiy to bring the threads of the service together in a completely moving and inspiring manner. He captured the joy of the children and the power of the Chiefs testimony to touch hearts and inspire the spirit of reconciliation.

A reception followed the service in the Garden of the Chruch. The Virginia Indians then departed to prepare for their cultural presentation at the Big Day Out.


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